What Happened When My Friend Was In A Coma Will Amaze You

A few years ago a good friend of my was hit by a car, rushed to the hospital, she was in a coma for 5 days.  In the hospital her husband starting giver her Elementalife, every day he continued to give her the Elementalife. Her husband also placed her on an Ultra magnet.  Even now she continues to take the Elementalife and occasionally she uses the Ultra magnet as needed.

Giving a seriously injured person the necessary electromagnetic energy to heal can enable them to completely recover from major trauma, that no one would  have thought possible, including the doctors.

Patients that she met in the hospital tell her that they have yet to recover from less serious accidents that they were involved in.  Completely recovering from major trauma does not happen very often.  Most times people live some type of disability from their accident.  My friend was very fortunate to completely recover from her horrible accident.