We’ve had the great pleasure over the years to hear many, many amazing stories about how our products have helped people find relief from all kinds of health conditions—often so quickly and dramatically that it changed their lives.

The following testimonials are real and unedited (except that we bolded the key points for your convenience). Some were sent to us unsolicited, while we requested others from customers who told us about their remarkable recoveries. Even a natural medicine practitioner performed a series of case studies using our products.


“I used your magnetic ointment on my stretch marks and pimples. The ointment cleared up the pimples overnight. My stretch marks faded to almost nothing. I like your product and would recommend it to my friends. I appreciate your product!”

 Jessica Rile, Denver, CO


Case 1 – An 8 year old male diagnosed with ADD/ADHD had been taking 20 mg Ritalin daily. Upon using the Rx Ultra magnet placed on the child’s headboard for a period of several weeks the child was able to gradually eliminate the use of the drug, Ritalin.

Case 2 – A 9 year old male diagnosed with ADD was prescribed for 20 to 40 mg of Ritalin daily. This child was able to discontinue the use of the drugs with the use of the Rx Ultra magnet placed on his bed.

 Ted, Natural Medicine Practitioner


“….Plus this new bottle of the liquid with it has really helped. Speaking of allergies, this time of year is bad for me also, but the allergies seem to be under control for the minute. I do believe it is the liquid! However, using the neutral cream with essential oils for allergies, where on your body do you put this? My first thought is to slather it on my nose and forehead!”

 Angie G., Centennial, CO