About Magnets

Magnetic Healing

MagnetiCare LLC was founded on the simple premise that people want help with pain, arthritis, ADHD, allergies, inflammation, bloating, gas pain, sinus congestion and much more, I had idea that if we could enable people to live life like plants then MagnetiCare would enable to help people with their maladies.  What does a tree do if it looses a limb, the tree just grows two or three new ones, don't you wish you had that kind of ability.  w is the time to get relief so can enjoy these summer months. We try to eat all the right food and take our vitamins and minerals to maintain our health. But our electrical system is the system that defines us, saying whether we are alive or dead. This system is capable of providing quick relief for all our minor maladies . All of MagnetiCare’s products were designed with the specific purpose to supplement our electrical system. Enabling our electrical system to run at higher levels allow for an increase in direction and control of all of our bodily functions: immune, digestion, respiration, circulatory, etc. Raising the body’s electrical energy enhances DNA’s signal and the body’s understand of self.(allergies, Lupus, arthritis, pain, inflammation, etc.) The body will know how to repair injuries and not have to send the “kitchen sink” anytime there is an injury. The immune system will function at a new level keeping us health, eliminating many of the disease that we currently encounter

Every organ has its own unique electrical frequency, each and every cell is electrically connected, even our DNA is a conductor of electricity.

Do you think that a body design that incorporates electricity into each and every system would benefit from supplemental electric energy? I ask you what have you done for your electrical system.

Have you taken any supplements to support it? Have you used any form of magnetic therapy or electrical therapy to enhance your electrical system? The electrical system is the system that defines use, image if you were able to make the electrical system stronger, I know you would live better, heal faster and be more productive and resistant to more diseases? Why not find out for your self, try MagnetiCare’s magnetic therapy products and see what a difference enhancing your electrical system can make to your life. Adding a vibrational workout while taking Elementalife can change your body. When I got a new vibrating plate machine I could never imagined the difference the machine induced microcurrents caused my body to go through!  First week lost 10 lbs., second week gained six pounds and lost a belt loop, now at 73 I  just continue  getting stronger, healthier, and felling better than ever.