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Magnetic therapy can help most conditions

Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practice using static magnets to alleviate pain and other health concerns. Using MagnetiCare’s frequency laden “static” magnets, you can alter your bioenergetic fields, known as biofields, assisting your body in its fight against a variety of diseases and chronic conditions.

Yet, a variety of magnet therapy options are often not enough to effectively alter your bioenergetic fields or significantly boost your body’s electrical systems. At MagnetiCare, we have addressed that issue.

Our founder, Robert Kirschbaum, developed a line of Rx magnets of the right size and strength to provide maximum health benefits. He found that a majority of external magnets were simply not the right shape or not strong enough to penetrate deeply into the body to alleviate health problems.

MagnetiCare is founded on the simple premise that people need supplemental electrical energy to be their healthiest. You might eat the right foods, take your vitamins and minerals, and exercise to maintain your health, but so many of us ignore our body’s electrical system, which is key to our overall health. Our products are designed to supplement that electrical system, enabling our bodies to run at higher levels to increase the control of a variety of bodily functions, including our immune and digestive systems.

Every organ has its own unique electrical frequency and every aspect of your body, from your cells down to your DNA, are electrically connected. If you place a magnetic field in the vicinity of an electrical current, you can amplify that current. Our bodies do not have all the necessary electrical energy that they need, so using magnet therapy is a way to enhance that electrical activity. Additionally, it provides a natural way to boost the direction and control of the body, giving it the tools to understand the various maladies you suffer from and use the energy to promote healing.

The magnets are typically found in stones, metals, or other substances and function as energy gatherers and concentrators, producing magnetic fields. Using a physical magnet, an individual can focus that electromagnetic energy to effectively harness its benefits and use them to address a range of health concerns.

MagnetiCare offers an assortment of products designed to assist you in aligning your bioenergetic fields to combat a variety of conditions, such as chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, allergies, asthma, heart conditions and many more.

Individuals have reported relief by using magnetic therapy and MagnetiCare products in particular when dealing with these ailments.

Users report a diversity of benefits and our products are meant to complement all aspects of magnetic therapy and various lifestyles. We have testimonials from people in all walks of life, dealing with various types of pain and health conditions, who have seen a positive impact from the use of magnet therapy in their daily lives, particularly for chronic pain issues.

Interested in exploring the world of magnetic therapy? Explore our products and their uses to find the right one to address your needs. Reach out to us for any guidance and recommendations. We're here to help!

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