Q: What are magnets?

Magnets are stones, metals, or other substances that function as electrical energy gatherers and concentrators that produce electricity. Magnets gather the electromagnetic energy and focus the energy through the physical magnet into conducting elements that carry electricity.

Q: How is the human body an electrical system?

DNA and RNA  conduct electricity through the body, giving the body a way to direct and control bodily functions.  Every organ of the body has its own set of electrical signals. This electrical activity has been extensively tested and measured in many organs of the body, the heart (EKGs) and the brain (EEGs). Furthermore, each and every organ has its own set of electrical signals.  The body is also designed with cable conductors that direct and control electricity running through our bodies.

How does this relate to magnets? If you place a magnetic field in the vicinity of an electrical current, that electrical current will be amplified by the magnetic field. In other words, since the body doesn’t have all the necessary electrical energy that it needs, then a magnet can be used to enhance the electrical activity of the body and, in a natural that will enhance the direction and control of the body. This increased direction and control will allow the body to better understand maladies and have the necessary energy, and information to heal its self.

Q: How do magnets help promote health and healing?

We take all the vitamins and supplements we can find to keep us healthy.  But the electrical system that defines us, whether we are alive or dead we totally ignore.  Don’t you think that the systems that defines us should be the one system we should try to make stronger.  Using specific electrical supplements and various magnets, electrical devices should enables to live a longer heathier life.  Having a healthier electrical system enabling our heart, brain, immune system, digestive system, etc. would give us the possible body to resist all of our maladies!

Q: Are all magnets therapeutic?

Unfortunately, they are not, since most are not designed to work with the body they cannot help the body heal.

Q: Are magnets safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified the application of magnetic fields to humans as “not essentially harmful.”

The World Health Organization published findings that state static magnetic fields are safe to humans up to 20,000 gauss.

Q: How can I tell whether I need magnets to help improve my health?

In general, any problem that is related to energy can be helped by magnetic fields. Since every living organism needs energy to survive, the right type of electromagnetic energy will improve your health.

A few things that we must keep in mind: research has found that if the body does not have its own internal magnets, then there is no way for the body to use the magnetic energy because it cannot get the magnetic energy inside the body where it is needed. That was the initial reason we developed the Elementalife(a magnetic supplement). We found that after people started taking Elementalife the supplement had enough energy to help people all by itself.

Q: What types of conditions have magnets been found to help?

Magnets have been found to help almost all conditions, however, there are a few parasitic conditions that only respond to a special combination of magnets and essential oils.

Healing with Magnets by Gary Null, Ph. D., lists hundreds of specific conditions which have been shown to be healed with magnets.

Q: Do the magnets work on most people?

Magnets have shown to work on about 70% of the people who use them. For this reason we have developed Elementalife(a liquid complex to enhance the effectiveness of magnetic therapy products).

Animal studies have indicated that body composition plays a significant role in animal responses to external magnetic therapy. If there were no internal magnets, then the body did not have a way to bring the external energy inside the body. So the purpose of the liquid complex Elementalife is to provide the necessary internal magnets.

Q: Are the magnets safe to use while taking medications?

The magnets will likely increase the overall effectiveness of a medication. Since most doctors are not aware of the healing power of magnets,  they disagree with the healing power of magnets.

We suggest that you try the magnets and, if you feel they’re having an adverse effect on your medication, just remove the magnets and the effects of the magnets dissipate quickly and you will go back to your pre-magnet state.

Q: Do MagnetiCare products have any side effects?

We have not received any reports from customers who have experienced adverse reactions to our products. In fact, we’ve heard only very positive responses.

Since people’s sensitivity to energy medicine varies, we suggest that you experiment to find the dosage that works for you.

Q: Where can I learn more about magnetic therapy?

You can visit our Health Resources and Research pages, which include continually updated research studies, articles, and online resources that affirm the effectiveness of magnetic therapy.

Q: Why doesn’t the FDA recognize the curative properties of magnets?

Although there have been a limited number of clinical studies on magnets, most magnet companies don’t have the funds needed to perform clinical studies. Universities have done studies that verify the beneficial effects of magnet products and magnetic fields.