About The Founder

Robert Kirschbaum

MagnetiCare, LLC was founded in 2000 by Robert Kirschbaum, a scientist whose passion for the healing potential of magnetic energy motivated him to spend over 30 years researching and developing the pioneering healing aids that make up the MagnetiCare product line today.

Addressing the Big Question

Bob’s interest in the power of magnetic-based healing began in 1966 when he was an undergraduate studying Animal Sciences at Colorado State University (CSU). While there, he learned that the definition of death in all mammals is the absence of electrical impulses in the brain and heart. This fundamental fact really fascinated Bob. He was also very surprised that, during his fours years of study, only one and a half hours was devoted to the study electrical impulses in the body.

Always one to ask life’s big questions, Bob wondered:

If the lack of electrical impulses is the definition of death, shouldn’t doctors and scientists spend more time studying the electrical system of the body?

When he posed this question to some CSU faculty members and other students, the responses he received were never satisfying.

During his graduate studies at CSU, Bob followed his intuition and focused his coursework on addressing and answering this question. He again met with a great deal of resistance from the faculty, who told him, “The key to how the body works is chemical reactions”; the electrical system is “insignificant.” Bob, of course, disagreed. His growing mass of research was telling him otherwise.

He soon learned, for example, that the power of the earth’s magnetic field has been diminishing steadily over the years—10,000 years ago the magnetic field measured 5.0 on the Gauss scale. Today, it’s a mere 0.5. Since all living things draw energy from this magnetic field, we’re not getting nearly the amount of electrical energy that our bodies need and we’re meant to receive.

This astonishing fact became the foundation for Bob’s long-term research regarding the significance of the body’s electrical systems.

Discovering Magnetic Liquid Complex on the Pig Farm

Unfulfilled by the lack of support at CSU, Bob left the program to apply his ideas while managing a production pig farm in northern Colorado. He continued doing independent research, pursuing methods of boosting the electrical systems of the body. These investigations led him to begin studying magnets and magnetic fields.

After absorbing all the available information about the effects of magnetic fields on living organisms, Bob discovered that (a) wearing external magnets was cumbersome and impractical, and (b) only 70% of research subjects showed reactions to magnetic fields. To help overcome these two considerable obstacles, Bob began to think of ways that magnets could be internalized and, therefore, help to ensure a steady supply of body-boosting electrical energy. Further work and research in this area led him to develop the magnetic Cell Activating Liquid Complex (Elementalife).

Two major constituents of Elementalife are the metallic elements iron and niobium. These two metals have been scientifically proven to have very high magnetic energy. To create the liquid, Bob ground the metals into a fine powder and blended it with a few essential oils before inducing an electric charge

In summer 1980, around the time Bob developed Elementalife, a deadly outbreak of bacteria infected many of the pregnant sows on the farm. Turned out that over 500 of the piglets were born underweight and with bloody diarrhea and died. While the other farm managers frantically tried a variety of antibiotics to defeat the bacteria, Bob isolated several of the infected sows and added Elementalife to their water every day. Their piglets had relatively normal birth weights and grew into normal, healthy pigs.

This experiment proved the effectiveness of Elentalife, at least in pigs, and motivated Bob to continue developing products to promote healing.

Founding MagnetiCare, LLC

Based on his experience at CSU, Bob realized that people would have difficulty accepting the idea of the healing power of magnets, let alone his new magnetic liquid. He decided it would be nearly impossible to find investors wiling to finance the research needed for the commercial development of Elemtalife. He chose, instead, to put the business development aside for the next 20 years, raise a family, and continue to develop the formula, adding several more essential oils at varying concentrations to continually improve the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Then in 1999, Bob came across “Healing Magnets” displayed on a shelf next to vitamins and other supplements in a drugstore. This discovery suggested that the public might be ready to consider a liquid-magnet supplement. As a result, he decided to form MagnetiCare, LLC and file a patent for Elementalife. The process necessary for this to be marketed as supplements included a toxicology study performed by the University Hospital of Denver. Extensive experiments showed that a person could consume as much as a quart of the liquid daily and not suffer any negative effects.

Marketing Elementalife and Developing New Products

Buoyed by this validation of the product’s safety, Bob began producing Elementalife in his home laboratory and selling it by word of mouth.

Based on his ongoing research, Bob came to the conclusion that nearly all of the magnetic products being sold were too small and too strong to penetrate deep enough in a person’s body to alleviate health problems. As a result, beginning in 2002, Bob developed a line of Rx Magnets of the right size and strength to provide maximum health benefits.

Meanwhile, a number of Bob’s regular customers kept asking if they could use Elemtalife on their skin. Although it worked topically, he (and they) determined that it the liquid was too messy. Extensive research and development led to development of the magnetic Revitalizing Magnetic Health Cream (RMHC) in 2003 from high-quality skin creams and powerful and deeply penetrating magnetic elements. Much to his and his customers’ surprise, RMHC began relieving pain immediately, even long-standing chronic pain. Here are just some of the heartfelt and moving Testimonials.

Around the time RMHC came out, Elementalife gained so much notice that Bob was able to launch a web site and acquire enough investment to have the formula prepared in an FDA-approved laboratory in Iowa. Not long after, his products attracted the attention of a group of marketing professionals who have since helped popularize his revolutionary products and improve the health of the many satisfied MagnetiCare customers.

Now CALC has evolved and became Elementalife (the energized elements of life).  Today at 73 Bob health and strength has improved by using a vibrating plate machine, vibrating bones, generating frequency piezo electrical current which direct and energize the entire body, you will not believe the difference.