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Magnetic Healing

MagnetiCare LLC was founded on the simple premise that people need supplemental electrical energy.

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Magnetic therapy can help most conditions

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Chronic Health Problems? Hard to Treat Health Issues?

Discover Magneticare’s Energizing Elementalife, Revitalizing Magnetic Health Cream and Rx Magnets for a healthier life.


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much your Magneticare cell activating skin cream has helped me.

Rod Smith, Jimmy Spencer, Jake Plummer, Willie Middlebrooks, Kelly Herndon, Ashley Lelie, William Fitchner, Brian Bosworth

My sinuses were very congested and painful. The Rx Magnets placed just above my eyes helped open my sinuses and eliminated all the pain associated with it.

Rob H., Greeley, CO

After only 5 days of taking the liquid I began to gain more energy. Then after 14 days I noticed the pain decreased significantly. By 4 weeks I was exercising and practicing yoga again, started a full-time and part-time job.

Bridgette G., Erie, CO